Our cats and kittens are raised and socialised as part of our family around our children, dog and other cats. They live within our home and kittens are born in our bedroom ensuring they have around the clock care. Our cats are registered with and visit our local veterinary hospital every 6 months for regular health checks and vaccinations. They are all insured with lifetime cover, they have a premium diet and we use veterinary products to regularly treat for external / internal parasites. We take their health and well-being very seriously. We occasionally have kittens looking for loving forever homes.  Our kittens will be ready to leave our care once they have been / will come with: 

We do not currently operate a waiting list and are happy to take genuine enquiries or answer questions.  Both parents health certificates are available to view on request.

Our cats are harness and lead trained. We use Olivia Cat Jackets. To help prospective owners, we are happy to start the process of harness training the kitten on request .

*Duration of free insurance depends on choice of insurance provider.

If you are interested in any of our kittens, please complete the kitten enquiry form on the contact us page

Phoebe gave birth to a beautiful litter of kittens on 24th January 2024.

Mum is our beautiful homebred Auracoonz Serene Phoebe and dad is the stunning Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Moonlightcoon Faraon from Moonlightcoon cattery.  Both parents are genetically tested and negative for HCM, SMA, PKDef. Phoebe has passed her first heart ultrasound (Echocardiogram) for HCM screening. All paperwork can be seen on request.

Auracoonz Serene Phoebe - 'Phoebe'

RW SGC Moonlightcoon Faraon - 'Faraon'

First Week.

A few pictures taken over the first week.

Two Weeks Old.

3 little babies, all showing their individuality. One is bold and is already starting to wander on wobbly legs, another that watches and takes everything in and then the baby of the three who is not afraid to use his lungs to tell mum he needs her to roll over a little more because there's no room at the milk bar... NOW!

Three Weeks Old.

These little faces continue to make my heart melt. Mum is doing an excellent job.

Five Weeks Old.

Six Weeks Old.

Little bundles of curiosity! We were blessed with slightly warmer weather this last weekend and they loved their time outside, especially watching the birds fly overhead! They even went for a little walk down the road and weren't fazed by the cars driving past.

Seven Weeks Old.

They are really enjoying their time outside, watching the birds fly overhead and going for short walks in their pet pushchair.

Eight Weeks Old.

Cuddly and playful babies. They adore Roxy our chocolate Labrador, I can confidently say, the feeling is mutual.

Nine Weeks Old. 

First health check and vaccination. Our vet was very happy with these gorgeous cuties. No problem travelling in their carrier, they take everything in their stride!

Easter pictures and mum (Phoebe) couldn't be left out.

Ten Weeks Old.

These three really love spending time with Roxy.

Eleven Weeks Old.

They were fast asleep until I disturbed them. They were not too impressed with me. I got some 'stink eye' for sure!!

Twelve Weeks Old.

Second health check and vaccinations. Once again our vet was very happy with all of them.  Officially introducing Mars, Minerva & Mercury.

Thirteen Weeks Old.

Another bath last weekend and then blow dried, we get our babies used to all sorts! Look out for their videos on our social media channels.