Harry Lynch (Auracoonz Freyja) recommends Auracoonz Maine coons

"From the start of the process all the way through to the end, Debbie was extremely helpful and kind. We have never purchased a pedigree animal before, let alone a Maine Coon so we really didn't know what to expect.

Rest assured to anyone looking to purchase one of her beautiful kittens, she will help you the entire way through. Even after the sale has happened and weeks have gone by, we're still chatting and asking questions. Definitely will be purchasing another Maine Coon from Debbie in the future"

Loraine Underwood  (Auracoonz Phoenix now Bentley) recommends Auracoonz Maine coons.

"I would highly recommend Auracoonz main coons Deborah is very professional and friendly and nothing is to [sic] much trouble very responsive in answering any question we told her what we were looking for in a kitten and she was very honest about all her cats and what she expect of you as a new owner and we are now the proud owners of Bentley (phoenix) who is the most loving friendly and playful kitten and my 3 year old daughters best friend lovely family who put there [sic] animals first Deborah is very passionate about her Breeding and follows all the rules she is registered and can show you all the paperwork and information you need to no [sic] as a new owner" 

Josh Catling (Comfy Couriers - Pet Transport) recommends Auracoonz Maine coons.

"What a pleasure it was chauffeuring your kittens on back to back weeks - such stunning examples of the Maine Coon breed and super friendly - an absolute credit to you as a breeder!"

Mark Norman  (Auracoonz Flora) recommends Auracoonz Maine coons.

"She (Flora) is the healthiest cat we have ever had."